As a returning resident to Jamaica after many years living in the United States, in 2006, I began experiencing excruciating pain in my hips, knees, and back and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Not contented to live on medication and its potential side effects. I researched natural treatment, which led me to the sweet potato. It was at this point at which I again began experimenting with ways of making authentic sweet potato pudding tasting just like my grandmother’s, but without flour, using all-natural ingredients, and no preservatives. The secret to Isle Bites staying true to the Organic Principles and not using preservatives is the freezer.

READY INSTANT BREADFRUIT: The idea conceived for using breadfruit as a substitute for rice or potato came into being after seeing the vast amount of this nutritious fruit on the island. The motivation came from the idea of utilizing the vast variety of ground provisions and fruit grown throughout the island in Jamaica rather than spending on imported processed foods. Breadfruit in its original state is not easy to prepare for those not familiar with it. However, once I researched the breadfruit and discovered just how healthful a food it was the possibilities seemed endless. The idea came to me as to how to make it more manageable for working people on the go. Even more important than demonstrating how to make the breadfruit more convenient for families to have as a main staple, but to educate Jamaicans from all socio-economic backgrounds that the breadfruit is very nutritious as was discovered to be filled with vitamins and fiber.

The idea is to use breadfruit as a natural carbohydrate substitute that is more affordable and nutritious.
Without the inspiration of many people including close family and friends, this book would not be possible. I would like to express my appreciation for every single person who has tasted, given feedback, encouraged, and commented.

Self-taught in the culinary arts from a young age, cooking for family and friends, often experimenting and creating new recipes was the genesis of this journey. Having the early experiences of messing up some of my dishes and self-correcting taught me well. Ai, I entered middle-age I thought it would be exciting to get some professional training at Robert Morgan Culinary Arts School in Miami, Florida.

Many thanks to my family and friends for their loving support in this interesting and delicious journey.
Thanks to My Editor: Amba Small Brown. I couldn’t have done the book without your support and guidance.