Breadfruit-Based Rice Alternative in Florida

Whether you want to make changes to your diet or you can’t eat rice, you shouldn’t have to miss out on delicious rice recipes, especially those from Jamaica. Learn how you can use a breadfruit-based rice substitute to continue enjoying your favorite rice dishes in Florida. Isle Bites is here to help you incorporate the breadfruit-based rice alternative as you explore Jamaican cuisine.

Use Breadfruit With Our Jamaican Rice Recipes

We’ve already taught you how to use a breadfruit-based flour substitute in baked goods, and now we want to help you use a breadfruit-based rice substitute for your main dishes and meals. You can purchase a digital copy of our basic stir-fried breadfruit recipe on its own or find it along with other fantastic recipes in our cookbook, which comes in both digital and hardcover formats.

Breadfruit is an underutilized ingredient for many cultures, but our recipes will help you discover just how versatile this plant truly is. Once you’ve mastered the recipes in our cookbook, try to experiment with incorporating breadfruit in other recipes, especially those from Polynesia, the Philippines, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Make sure to try using it for sweet and savory dishes alike!

Meet the Woman Behind Isle Bites

My name is Andrea Whyte, and I am so proud to bring you the flavors of Jamaica through my creations at Isle Bites. My aim is to share nutritious, tasty, and convenient Jamaican recipes with the world. My pursuit of nutritious recipes has led to my incorporation of breadfruit as a staple ingredient, as it is high in fiber, vitamin C, and healthy carbohydrates.

I started Isle Bites in 2008 with the full approval of the Jamaican Bureau of Standards, which means that you can trust my products to be of high quality.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.