Breadfruit Recipes: Sweet and Savoury ©

  • Author: Andrea Whyte
  • Language: Español
  • Type: Digital e-Book

Founded by the hard-working and determined Mrs. Andrea Whyte who developed a passion for the uses of Breadfruit and decided that there should be no wastage, as she saw it as a wonderful product.

She developed over thirty different breadfruit products for the Denbigh Agricultural Show in 2015 which contributed to the Social Services Home Economics display being placed first among the 13 parishes.

The most talked-about product was the tasty breadfruit porridge for which patrons kept coming back for samples and recipes, she developed various products from the fruit such as wines, cakes, pudding mixes, flours, and sauces. No part, inclusive of the skin should be wasted, it does not matter the stage of development, whether ripe, full, green, or yellow heart.
Isle Bites products are authentic, delicious delightful, and are best described as “Exotic Creations”!